Creative Learning at Crewe

Crewe Lyceum Young Ambassadors

Leadership, experience and confidence – learn new skills in a year-long programme specifically for young people ages 14 -18.

"The Young Ambassadors has given me opportunities to learn new things. I have made lots of connections and it has helped me learn more about the theatre industry." - Ange, age 15

The Young Ambassadors meet weekly to develop creative projects, input into aspects of the Theatre including programming, marketing and outreach, and connect with the local creative community.

Build your skills as a young ambassador with hands-on experience in arts management and event planning, as well as working in a team and communicating with confidence.

Young Ambassadors benefit from unique mentoring and networking experience along with a range of other perks, which can include:

  • Tickets to shows
  • Trips and visits 
  • Skills workshops with industry professionals
  • Support to plan and deliver projects and events
  • Unique behind the scenes access to our theatre
  • Careers advice and future planning guidance

 In return, their feedback and input are used to make a genuine difference here at the Crewe Lyceum Theatre.

Young Ambassadors is FREE to participate and is currently generously funded via the Cheshire Community Foundation. The group is made up a diverse mix of individuals, selected through a process of application to ensure fair opportunity is offered to all. We are now recruiting for the next cohort, to start September 2022.

Become a Young Ambassador

You can read more about what our current cohort is up to on our Crewe Lyceum Theatre Young Ambassador blog

For more information or if you have any questions, drop us an email at